Organized Crime in the City and on Celluloid

(USA, 1929 - 1951)


Studying organized crime

2002/07/16 – There's nothing to report yet. The 2002 "dissertation" for the written "agrégation interne" exam evolved around "repression vs expression". Those who have access to the movie channels on the cable or satellite networks ought to be watching the weekly TV schedule. I'm about to start reading the Munby book (see below).


Philip Benz' ultimate Organized Crime Site with lots and lots of relevant links.


Munby, Jonathan: Public Enemies, Public Heroes : Screening the Gangster from Little Caesar to Touch of Evil. Chicago,University of Chicago Press, 1999. – This is apparently the place to start.

John Dean, Jacques Pothier (dirs.): Le crime organis� De la Prohibition �la guerre froide. Paris, Editions du temps, 2002. – No opinion for the time being on the Editions du temps offering, but as usual a chapter (on US cities in the 1930s and 40s) and an overview can be downloaded on their site.



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