D. H. Lawrence (1885 - 1930)

Women in Love


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Studying Women in Love

2002/07/15 – For the moment I'm just collecting links and secondary literature and reread the book.


There are several copies of the full text online. Look them up in google and choose the one you prefer. My recommendation: The Literature Network site, as there is a search feature. Type in "soul", e.g., to find all the occurrences in the text. An ideal way to find relevant quotations for our "dissertations".

The D.H. Lawrence Index Page provides background reading on the author. The texts are suggested by members of the Rananim Society (die-hard DHL fans can join the Society's mailing list from this site).

The University of Nottingham keeps the D.H. Lawrence archives & manuscripts. More background reading, esp. on D.H. Lawrence's circle of friends and associates.

Alain Tsédri's lecture notes (in English) from his classes for CAPES/agrég candidates at Université de Bretagne Occidentale are geared towards what is expected from us.

A paper on Women Bonding in Women in Love by Danica Vucovic.


Vitoux, Pierre : Women in Love ; D.H. Lawrence. Armand Colin, 2001. – The CNED book about this subject seems pretty well made. It is written in English.
The bibliography at the end of the textbook is also available online. It is a somewhat shortened version of M. Vitoux' official bibliography (for profs and jury members) available on the SAES site.
Note: M. Vitoux is not only a scholar but also the author of the new translation into French, Amantes.

Katz-Roy, Ginette (dir.) : Women in Love ; Lectures d'une Œuvre. Editions du Temps, 2001. – This is a collection of 15 articles, some in French, some more in English (so the book helps us to acquire the relevant vocabulary in both languages). Last year, I found it a bit hard-going for starters and read the CNED book first. The preface and one of the articles (La phrase de Lawrence by Jean-Jacques Lecercle) can be downloaded (PDF files) on the publisher's site.
Editions du Temps have come out with two more books on Women in Love: An overview and a chapter (PDF files) of Women in love ou Le Cr�uscule des D�sses by Sylvain Floc'h are here; and the same for Synth�e sur Women in love by Ginette Katz-Roy can be found here.


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